Shanghai, one of the four municipalities in China, is also known as “Paris of the East”, “Pearl of the East”: in fact, it is considered as one of the most fashionable metropolises of Asia.

Located on the Yangtze River’s Delta on the central coast of China, Shanghai is the largest and most populated city in China and in the world, with over 27 million inhabitants, as well as a financial hub of global importance, so much is considered as the economic capital of China.

The heart of the city is represented by the Bund, a famous promenade overlooked by colonial buildings, in front of which the Pudong business district rises with the 632 m Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl Tower, with its typical red spheres.

Nanjing Road, historic shopping street overlooked by numerous shops, illuminated even at night, reaches the wide People’s Square that is Shanghai’s political, economic, cultural, tourist center and transportation hub. It represents also one of Shanghai’s most important landmarks.

Among the gastronomic specialties of Shanghai, we remember xiaolongbao, the steamed ravioli, the Chinese grab and the chicken cooked with alcoholic drinks.

by Valerio Chen

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